Tata Steel Limited, in association with the Jamshedpur Chapter of Indian Institute of Metals, is organising an International Conference on Developments in Advanced High Strength Steel, Processing and Application (AHSS 2017). The conference will be held during 22nd – 23rd February, 2017 at Jamshedpur.



With the increasing energy crisis and stringent environmental norms, energy saving and safety coupled with CO2 emission have become the major issues for many industries such as auto-makers. Reduction in weight is turning out to be the most effective way in reducing the gas consumption and thus subsequent emission. At this juncture the family of Advanced High Strength Steels (AHSS) continues to evolve and grow in different applications such as automotive industry, lifting and excavation, line pipe steel etc. New steel types are already being used for improved performance. Looking at the market trend it may be envisaged that the emerging grades will be increasingly popular.
To achieve this goal, improved steel making practices and inclusion engineering at different stages of steel making and casting as well as subsequent heat treatment and rolling practices are important aspects to improve AHSS in terms of quality and achieving required strength and elongation.
In recent years, India has emerged as a very strong and potential country for advanced steel research. Thus an attempt is now being made to have a common platform for the world-renowned scientists and, technologists to discuss and share their views on the state of the art research findings on this topic. The challenges predicted for the future will also be addressed in this conference. This two day conference will have focused oral sessions with invited and contributory lectures by the eminent experts in this field. The conference is aimed at researchers, industrial practitioners, faculties and students from academic institutes. The participants will have the ample opportunity to enrich themselves from the exchange of information on long term experiences with the stalwarts from academia and industry.

Scope of the conference

  1. Ladle & Secondary Refining
  2. Steel Making and Continuous Casting Practices
  3. Refractory Technology
  4. Hot Rolling and Cold Rolling
  5. Strip Annealing
  6. Novel Issues in Phase Transformation
  7. Recrystallization Kinetics
  8. Mathematical Modelling and Simulation